Where Have You Been?? (I’m here now!)


Ghosts.  Haunted Houses.  Halloween approaches and where am I, an author and blogger dedicated to writing about horror?  I am here, that’s where! I know,  haven’t posted very much this year.  Have I posted at all? I dunno, let me go back and check.  Hold on, listen to some music or something.






Well how do you like that? Not one stinking post for 2022. I need a beating. I really, really do.

Sorry about my inactivity. Been a different kind of year. Got a new job that keeps me busy.  Then there was all this stuff I had to do.  You know how stuff is.  It bunches up, then begets other stuff. Soon you have stuff on top of stuff, stuff inside stuff. Suddenly there is so much stuffing you’d think we skipped Halloween altogether to arrive at Thanksgiving.

Time to get my ass in gear.  Every Halloween season, I do some kind of theme at this blog. Last year it was the Haunted House Ha Ha’s – comical films about haunted houses. Another year I compared books to their corresponding films. (i.e. The Exorcist, which is better – Book of movie?) One time I had access to Stephen King’s Rose Red miniseries and I posted a different episode each week.

 This year I’m setting the bar low, so please watch so you don’t trip on it. My plan is to write and post a couple of articles I have been postponing all year.  But wait – there’s more.

TheAcquaintanceBookCoverWithTitleAuthorRemember that book I published last year – The Acquaintance?  No? Oh I see, you did remember but you had forgotten. Well now’s your chance to “reacquaint” yourself with this early winter tale of a phantom pair of shoes that walks about in the woods.  I’ll post excerpts and later this month, I’ll take 50% off the cover price! 


Get your ghostly gear ready folks, because October is here and we are blasting off toward October 31’s waxing crescent moon.  I’ll do what I can to add to the thrills of the season.  

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