Published Works

My latest novel – “The House Sitter”.  Author Brad Johnson, haunted by a troubled past and disturbed by his own thought process, has developed a unique writing method – he haunts things. He studies an object, reflects upon it in an uncanny way, and then – presto! He writes a creepy story about the target of his haunting. The problem is – these things then haunt him in return.

Brad has conjured demons, ghosts, skeletons, zombies, and menacing chickens! He has haunted balconies, music boxes, sunrooms.  He created  a strange dimension via a laundry chute.  Come inside!






“The Coffin is Calling You, James” is my first published novella.  It is a short story, part of a series.  There will be several stories of different genres, all dealing with the subject of “Voices.”  In this first tale, a man plagued with mental illness hears his deceased wife call out to him from the coffin.


“Derangement Commencing in One…Three…Two…”  is my second published novella, also the second in the “Voices” series. In this second tale, A wild night turns one man’s quest for the pleasures of the flesh and soul into a near total loss of identity by morning.


“When The Storm Speaks of Death” is my third published novella, third in the “Voices” series. In this third tale, someone is destined to die. Whoever hears the voice hidden inside the storm won’t live to describe it.



Voices: The Chorus is the collection. It includes the three stories listed above PLUS the previously unpublished story, “Words Unspoken.”

It is available both in print and electronically

Voices Collection Cover

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