Halloween Happenings!

It is about that time for me to announce the upcoming Halloween Happenings.  What will “yours truly” (Hey, that’s me!) be offering to help celebrate this year’s spookies?

Well I’ll tell ya! Perhaps I’ll decorate the yard with my jack-o-lantern on a stake as I did the last two previous years. Maybe the weather will be warm enough to project horror films outside. Then again, maybe it won’t (aww!) I’ll probably have a couple of gatherings in October. Beer, fire outside, my Halloween playlist on iTunes. That’s it! I can search for more Halloween theme music. I have Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ministry, The Cramps, Bauhaus and so much more but I can get so much more as well and…

OHHHHH! You don’t give a shit about any of that! You want to know what might be happening here at the blog? OHHHHHHH! Well why didn’t you just say so? Here is a little list of things to come soon:

1) Book Vs. Movie Briefs

Thirty-one of them for the Thirty-One Days of Halloween! You’ve seen the greatest of the greats when it comes to horror movies, but how many of you have read the books that have preceded them?  Likewise, have you read any novelizations of your favorite horror films?

Every day throughout October, I will present a Book Vs. Movie brief. Now remember, books aren’t always the better of the two. Sometimes I will favor the book, sometimes the movie and sometimes it will be a tie. Follow along as I delve into both the classic and modern stories that have entertained us over the years.

2) A book review, maybe, of James J Cudney’s “Haunted House Ghost: Death At The Fall Festival

This here blogging guy (Hey that’s me!) loves stories about haunted houses and he loves the Halloween Spirit. So what’s more appropriate the review a book that both takes place around Halloween AND features a haunted house?  This is also a mystery, a classic “Who dunnit” novel.

I am only beginning the book now so I hope to have a review before Oct 31st. Wish me luck!

3) Something to say about Netflix’s The Haunting of Bly Manor.

I loved, loved, loved, loved Mike Flanagan’s Netflix series The Haunting of Hill House, which is very loosely based on Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name. Now I’m looking forward to its continuation. This time it’s The Haunting of Bly Manor, which is based (again very loosely I assume) on Henry James’s classic The Turn of the Screw. It premiers October 9th.

I’m sure I’ll want to say something about this series, but I won’t know what I’ll say or how much I’ll say until I start watching some episodes. So stay tuned for this as well.

Well that’s all I’ll have for ya! Sorry, no candies, no pictures of me dressed up in some flamboyant, sexy costume. That last one would just be punishment for you anyway. Oh and Happy Halloween!