GAME: Ghost Hunt. Find the Ghosts, Win a Free Book! 10-05-2017




ghostrightOh no! Not Again!

Everyone knows that during the Halloween season, ghosts flee the grave and walk among us. Well a bunch of these floating fugitives have invaded this blog. They are hiding out in various posts and articles. This happened last year as well


Halloween is long past and the ghosts are still here!!   CONTEST IS OVER

Ghostbusters – I need your help!

There are seven ghosts of varying colors hiding in several places around this blog.  I ghostleftknow how to exorcise these unwanted phantoms, but first I need to find them!

Help me find these ghosts. In turn, I will reward you with points.  I Will not! CONTEST IS OVER. When all is said and done, the person with the most points will win an autographed copy of Matt Power’s book, “Ghosts of Manor House”

Some ghosts are worth more points than others. The chart below shows the point value for each ghost.

redghost3Red ghost:   1 point

                                                                     RED GHOST FOUND!

yellowghost2Yellow ghost: 5 points

blueghost2Blue Ghost: 10 points

greenghost2Green ghost: 25 points

oramgeghost3Orange ghost: 50 points

purpleghost2Purple Ghost: 75 points

whiteghost2White ghost: 100 points

Find one, find two, or find them all! Don’t find any – CONTEST IS OVER Once you find a ghost, leave a comment at this post, letting me know the identity (color) and location of the ghost and then I shall remove the ghost from the blog and distribute to you the earned points. For instance, you might say in the email,  “In the Cat and the Canary article, inside the paragraph that begins ‘the movie is a remake of the 1927 film’, I found a blue ghost. Or you can email me a

The person with the most points wins a free autographed copied of Matt’s book – Ghosts of Manor House


The ghost-hunting contest will run throughout October, or until all the ghosts are found.

Happy Hunting!