The Den of Haunted House Fiction


Welcome to my den – a cozy place to study haunted house fiction.


My interest in haunted houses began as I was doing research for my own novel – The House Sitter.   To get an idea of how the masters of the craft create their stories, I turned to film and literature and crossed a threshold. By this I mean that I had taken a few meaningful steps inside a chilling subgenre. I wanted to go deeper. I wanted to connect with the “spirits” that lurk within the passages and take form inside the moving pictures. These “spirits” are the styles, the motifs; the “stuff” that so hauntingly endures.

I read more. I watched more films. No longer was this a treasure hunt for story writing ideas.  I was in it for the journey itself, for the ongoing communion with these spirits.

I am still within and there I will remain.

I enjoy having a goal-oriented project of leisure and I invite you to join me on my journey. I invite you to learn as I learn, interpret as I interpret. Together we will explore the haunted houses of film and literature.  From the stone castles of the old world to the suburban units of the new, a haunting we will go!   We will tread across various genres; unveiling the ghosts of Gothic novels, dissecting the creatures of Cosmic horror, and exorcising demons from modern film lore.

We will take in the words of the storytelling masters and feast our eyes upon the works of the visionaries. Edgar Allen Poe. H.P. Lovecraft. Richard Matheson.  Shirley Jackson. Stephen King.  William Castle. James Wan.  Guillermo Del Toro.

So settle on in and take in some ghosts. While you’re here, explore the many things this blog has to offer.


I write reviews of all the haunted house films or novels that I have seen or read.


From architectural perspectives, to sociological and psychological points of view.


Links to Haunted House books at


Are you a writer or a filmmaker? Have you written or filmed a haunted house tale? Let me know. I can read/see your creation and post a review


I hope you will enjoy them.

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