Haunted House Project

What fun it will be to explore haunted houses through the minds of authors and filmmakers!  It will also be quite the thrill to examine other aspects of haunted house fiction!

click map

To the Viewing room To the Library To the Sitting Room

To enter the viewing room (To read reviews of haunted house films), take the staircase on the left (Click it!)

To enter the library (To read reviews of haunted house films), take the staircase on the right (Click it!)

To go to the main sitting room (To read various haunted house articles not bound to a single book or film), go straight to the furthermost door. (Click it!)

2 thoughts on “Haunted House Project

  1. Hi. I’m a new author on Amazon and i was looking an honest review in return of a book.

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    • Hi Annie! I looked over the description of the book and it sound very interesting. Could you send me a mobi file of it? You can send it to dwcheely@yahoo.com

      I am reading several books right now but I’ll fit it in somewhere. Just please understand that it might be a while before I can read it and write up a review

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