Rose Red Part 3 – Recap of Last Sunday Night’s Watch Party

Things got real last night at Rose Red! While the team was gathered together for a backstory telling session, the house threw a fit. There were electrical explosions all over the place and a glowing ghost or two.  This went on for a minute or so, everyone was freaked out (except Professor Reardon who was morbidly fascinated with all this), then it stopped and what was to the group to do next? Go to bed, that’s what they did. Different rooms. Sleep tight. Nightie night! And then the real fun began!

Some team members were plagued by nightmares. But it’s the stuff on the outside –  the stuff of the haunted and horrific reality that is truly frightening. Something was crawling under the carpets, under the bed covers, and the woman that was in the bed was quite unnerved by this. Throughout the night, some saw ghosts. Throughout the night, a team member lost her life.

Things didn’t get better in the morning. Professor Miller and Emory’s mother (Emory is a one of the team members, an annoying guy he is) arrived at the scene. They get lost on the house grounds; struggling though trails of overgrown shrubbery, weeds. Eventually,  Rose Red will claim them.

Out there on the grounds there are ponds with lily pads, and creepy statues. Some team members find there way outside to these unsettling grounds. Another will die out there.  Those who die or disappear at Rose Red become “zombified” ghosts that do the house’s bidding.  Remember that photo journalist that disappeared in the greenhouse in Part 2 – Kevin Bollinger? He shows up now and then as a ghoulish ghost to scare the shit out of whoever he encounters.

Things aren’t good. The surviving team is on edge. But dear ol’ Professor Reardon just wants to continue on.  It was suggested earlier that Joyce Reardon wouldn’t stop this study even if people died. That suggestion proved true.

To top it all off, some kind of force was sealing all the doors and windows.  No matter how they tried they could not break free (and the worms ate into his brain? Never mind, that’s a Pink Floyd lyric).  And poor Annie, young Annie, the most potent psychic of them all, fell and injured her head,

What’s next?  We’ll find out next Sunday for the final part of Rose Red.

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