Rose Red Part 2 -Recap of Sunday Night’s Watch Party

Last night, Sunday Oct 13, the characters finally entered Rose Red, taking along us the viewers!

First one in was Bollinger, the student reporter hired by mean ol’ professor Miller. His job was to get there ahead of the investigative team and prepare to take scandalous pictures to sabotage the case study. Arrive early he does, welcomed by Sukeena, the long since disappeared house maid of Rose Red. He has a frightful experience with wasps in the greenhouse. And then suddenly, he is swept up in the air, eaten by the house. His camera and cell phone are left behind.

Finally the investigative team has arrived, led by Professor Joyce Reardon. Annie has come along after all, in the protective custody of her older sister Rachel. Surely a person of her psychic abilities can awaken Rose Red, right? (Hint! Rose Red is already awake).

Before they enter, warnings abound. Steve Rimbauer, young guy, current owner of Rose Red (he will demolish the house after this expedition, for it has eaten all his relatives), has memories of being lost in the house as a young boy while encountering a female ghost. Psychic Pam touches the entrance doorknob and the whole “welcoming incident” of Sukenna inviting Bollinger inside plays out in her head. But of course, story characters never heed warnings. They go inside and their stay is about to begin.

The house is impressive indeed. There are stone walls, pillars, statues, portraits, large fireplaces, and lots and lots of cobwebs. Want more? Okay, there is a square spiral staircase of towering lengths, phantom drafts, upside down rooms, hidden doors, a dome room with reflective floors. There is the Perceptive Hallway that appears to go on forever. And..there is the occasional glowing ghost.

When they tour the house, they leave behind a trail of rope to aid them on their return back to base (living room, kitchen on main floor).  But the halls and walls change, and the rope now passes through a wall that just wasn’t there before. They find another route back to base.

They end the evening dancing to Glen Miller playing on the Victrola. Stephen King makes an appearance as the pizza deliver guy. It’s all fun and games, right?

Things are about to get serious. I can feel it. How serious?  Tune in next Sunday for Rose Red Part 3 watch party at my facebook page: Haunted Houses of Film and Literature (and click “like” while you’re there!)


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