October is Here – Now what?

PumpkinThinkIt’s October and ’tis the season for the spookies!  At the Den of Haunted House Fiction, I deal with the spookies year round.  Haunted Houses, Ghosts, Things that go Bump in the Night – these kind of themes have no seasonal boundaries around here as evidenced by my articles on  summer ghost stories and Christmas haunted houses. And yet, come October, I feel the need to come up with a theme that is, uh…special?  Yeah that’s the word – “special”.  Something worthy of Halloween greatness.  Something “spookily” out of the ordinary; spookier than spooky!  Oh the pressure!

In Octobers past, I’ve featured ghost hunt games, special book reviews, and articles comparing and contrasting classic haunted house films with their modern remakes. What to do this year? Oh what to do, what to do?

Here’s what I thought I would do – host a series of watch parties on my Facebook page and then write about the experience. The plan is to watch the four part series Rose Red (Stephen King’s haunted house mini-series) over the course of the next four Sunday evenings – four Sundays of October (“Four Sundays of October” – that could be a book title!).  On Mondays, I could write a recap of the previous night’s experience, and at the end of the month, I might write a review of the series itself.

Of course much of this would depend on technology being on its best behavior, cooperating in certain ways that it just might not be inclined to do.  In other words, “total failure” is a possibility. I CAN RUIN HALLOWEEN FOR EVERYONE – OH NO!!

At the risk of failure, I am going to attempt this. Oh yes I am!  If you haven’t yet checked out my Facebook page, do so now here – Haunted Houses of Film and Literature.

It will begin this Sunday evening, if all goes according to plan.  Be there or be square!

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