Christmas, Ghosts, and Haunted Houses – Links to My Articles and Reviews

“Tis the time of Christmas  season , FA LA LA LA LA…. and stuff

Deck the page with lovely reruns FA LA LA LA LA…. that’s  enough.”


Yes, this piece  will be another one of those posts littered with links to some of my past articles and reviews concerning Christmas and Spooky Stuff.  Forgive me, but keep in mind, so many established  entertainment  entities do this. Take SNL, they have their “Christmas  Special” where they regurgitate clips from past episodes. So..that’s what this article  is – it’s special! As Radiohead  so eloquently  phrases  it, “so fucking special!!”

The truth of the matter is that I’ve been busy, and I’ve faced certain  obstacles that have prevented  me from writing. I went travelling for a few days, so there’s that. Then there is the holiday season, which always works against ones normal, everyday  schedule. And then my computer went on the fritz. It took some time to get things up and working  again. But I’m here now, and Christmas  is several  days away , so here comes a Christmas – themed  post for ya-  An index of articles and reviews  that I have written pertaining  to haunted houses and the holidays. Enjoy!


christmas-ghost-story-3First on the list is this article – Christmas Ghosts and Haunted Houses.  I trace the history  of the Christmas  ghost story. By the article’s end, I  make the case for the Christmas  haunted  house, a unique  set up  where such a house can be distinguished  from other haunted  houses in literature.



Next, a review of A Strange Christmas Game by J H Riddell. This is a story  about ghosts strangechristmasgame2that recreate the events of a deadly game that occurred on a Christmas  Eve in the past.



smee-coverNext, there is story called Smee.  This is a review of a a very popular  Christmas  ghost (and haunted  house) story, at least according  to the number of hits this post receives all year long. Written by A. M Burrage, it is a story of a game of hide and seek in a big old house. A ghost joins in the game.



Finally, A Christmas haunted house story written by yours truly (hint: that’s me!). A greenghostchristmasfrightened  old man helplessly  tries to ward of all the ghosts that haunt his house  on Christmas  Eve. Please read my story –  Spirits in the Night, Exchanging Chances

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