I’m Back from my Europe Vacation!

I’ve been away for a couple weeks. Taking in some of Europe’s finest sights.  Included in this post are some of the more creepier photos; after all this is a horror themed blog. But there was nothing horrific about our trip. It was fun!  Some of the things we have been doing in the last couple weeks:

– Dining in Paris Sidewalk cafes
– Taking in some art at The Lourve
– Riding on a train across the European continent
– Attending a beer and brat street festival in Vienna
– Seeing an operatic/symphonic peformance of the music of Mozart
– Attending a mass at St. Stephen’s Cathedral
– Taking A day trip to Slovakia
-Visiting  family in Catania
– Shopping at a Sicilian fish market
– Eating at an authentic Sicilian pizzeria

And so much more!

I’ll be back to the haunted house themed posts shortly. A review of The House of Seven Corpses film and the book Eerie by Blake and Jordan Crouch are on the horizon! Stay tuned!


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