Hold on tight, ghosts….I’ll be back!

There won’t be any posts for a few weeks as I have some personal business to attend to. (Oh no, I have ended a sentence with a preposition!)  But I will be back!  Keep the house haunted for me!!!


2 thoughts on “Hold on tight, ghosts….I’ll be back!

  1. Not sure whether we’ll keep the house haunted, per se – – but we WILL continue to focus on operational efficiency through agile cross-functionality, seeking strategic value through continuous improvement, redesigning layers of the organization while we continue to generate as much quality service to the P & L owners as we can…yup, applied metrics will demonstrate that those factors are all tantamount to ‘keeping the house haunted’, in the final analysis…

    So Long, Fare Well, Our Feet Are Stained, Goodbye…

    So long, Screwy, see you in the Louvre-y…

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