Beginning the new year – entering a blackout!


“It’s finally here! The New Year! Drink and cheer!”

“Really? Gee that’s great! Then what happened?”

“Uh…..heh heh…..I dunno.”

To quote U2, “All is quiet on New Year’s Day.  The world is void, it’s underway.” I hear ya, Bono. If memory serves me correctly, I usually feel this way until May.  Ah but memory is such an unreliable tool when if comes to such matters.  See, when Dec 31 approaches, I look back upon the year that is soon to be tossed away into the historical archives.  Such a piss-poor archivist I am, because I usually can’t remember what the hell happened in the months of January – April!  There are some exceptions. In the middle of February there’s Valentine’s Day, and I can usually recall what my wife and I did to celebrate. Then in March there is my birthday, and I remember that celebration as well. As for the rest of those days, those weekends, those months…. I draw a blank.  Hence the term “the blackout!”

The summer and autumn months are easier for me to remember. Maybe it’s because summer and autumn are my favorite seasons.  Winter and spring just don’t do it for me.  Come January 1, my only resolution is to get through my least preferred seasons and arrive at May’s end to welcome in the warmer weather.  Oh come on and admit it; at least agree that January is a dull month!  After crossing the threshold of midnight on New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day, accompanied by all the bells and buzzes, we stumble into the days of blahhhh!

It all makes sense though.  Think about it.  Come January, everyone’s tired, broke, and emotionally spent.  For me, “holiday” season begins with Halloween. (Halloween is a holiday. Yes it is!)  This year, I was very active in celebrating the season of ghosts and hobgoblins!  I redesigned my blog and promoted Halloween specials.  I watched many horror movies and read several scary books.  I went to haunted houses and parties.  November was the time to prepare for Thanksgiving.  After that, Christmas (or “The holidays”) season came along. Funny  how Xmas seeps into almost every nook and cranny of our lives.  Decorating takes several days.  Time to go shopping. Look at all the crowds!  Argh! I thought I was done shopping; I forgot Uncle Ernie!  Back out there! Wrapping gifts.  Work holiday events to attend.  Celebrate Xmas Eve.  Celebrate Xmas Day. Relax, but not for too long – New Years’ Eve is coming!

Come January, we need a break. And we get one.  There are no holidays in the forseeable future; at least none the require busying activities. I live in Chicago, and January is usually pretty darn cold.  It is the month that I am most likely to stay home on weekends and keep warm and save money. This continues into February. Although, day by day, it is getting brighter, January and February are dark months.  During this time, I don’t set resolutions. I don’t make a list of things I wish to accomplish in the New Year. Instead, I look back at what I was doing in November before the end-of-the-year holidays through everything off course.  What was I doing?  Is it worth revisiting? How can I get back on track?

question-markSo, welcome to the blackout.  Next December, I won’t remember much about the days that will have followed this article.  For these days aren’t so much about resolutions as they are for recuperation.  Resolutions you resolve to remember! Recuperations you tend to forget. Anyway, I was going to wrap things up with an awesome closing statement, but I forgot what I was going to say!  The blackout has begun!






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