#12 – Plastic Green Soldiers (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

Not only did I have hundreds of these plastic soldiers, but I had jeeps and tanks that shot little plastic (mortars? bullets?).  I had enough men and machinery to play war with a partner.  My guys lined up against his guys.  My tanks against his.

Now the soldiers I had were of different ranks.  I had several of what were obviously generals.   So my friend suggested that because they were very important, they should be lying on their bellies so that they would be very difficult for a plastic mortar to hit. I pointed out that they would be impossible to hit.  His solution: we could shoot pretend missiles as well.  So whenever it was my turn, I just ignored the tanks and used my finger to launch an imaginary projectile that always hit one of his prone generals right in the ass. He started to get pissed and said this was unfair.  Hey, it was his rules.

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