#11 – Colorforms (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

I had several sets of Colorforms.  My favorite was Batman.

At the age of 4, I had to be hospitalized for convulsions. Whenever I had a high fever, my eyes would roll back, I would lose consciousness, and scare the crap out of my poor parents and sisters. So into the hospital I went, where I was placed in a crib with steel bars that kind of resembled a cage.

My family came with gifts. There was some plastic pinball machine, books, and other things.  My favorite gift: The Batman Colorforms.  It had some kind of nighttime, urban background. The Colorforms were of Batman (of course) and all these bad guys!

My mom would say, “What do you want to play with Danny?”   My answer was always the same: “Batman Colorforms!”
“Again??  You were just playing with those.  How about this toy, or that toy?”

No, no and no.  I just wanted the Colorforms. I remember taking the Colorforms and sticking them to the steel bars of the crib.

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