The Haunted Apartment Series – All the articles, all in one place!

Hello everybody!

I hope you enjoyed reading the articles that I have written about haunted apartments. I had fun analyzing major themes and reviewing the popular films and novels that delve into this subject. For your convenience, I am linking to each and everyone of them – right here in this post! Consider this post as an index. Ok? Cool. Let’s begin!

ApartmentNextHomeDotYPDotCAIntro Article

Beyond the House: An Examination of Hauntings Within Alternate Structures. Part 2 – Apartment Buildings

In this article, I summarize themes that are often found in horror stories that take place in an apartment setting.

Rosemary’s Baby RosemaryBaby

The 50th Anniversary of the Release of Rosemary’s Baby – First Review of the Haunted Apartment Series

I published this on the anniversary of the release date of Roman Polanski’s most popular film in his Apartment Trilogy. Psychological horror meets Satanism!

SentinelBookMovieThe Sentinel

The Sentinel – Book Vs Movie – Second Review in the Haunted Apartment Series

I compare the two mediums, Jeffery Konvitz’s book to Michael Winner’s film. Also, I post a link to an audio interview of the famous author.

The Guardian TheGuardian

The Guardian by Jeffrey Konvitz -Third Review in The Haunted Apartment Series

This is Konvitz’s lesser known novel, but this sequel to the Sentinel is just as compelling. Maybe it is even better! Read them both and you can be the judge





Repulsion – A Roman Polanski Film. Fourth Review in The Haunted Apartment Series 

First film in Roman Polanski’s Apartment Trilogy. A fine piece of psychological horror.




The Tenant TheTenant

The Tenant – A Roman Polanski Film. Fifth Review in The Haunted Apartment Series 

The final film of Polanski’s Apartment Trilogy. Polanski himself stars as the troubled protagonist. What a thriller this is!



A Quick Revisit of Sensoria – Sixth Review in The Haunted Apartment Series 

A fair film that I had already written about. I link to the original review.



The Graveyard Apartment THeGraveyardApartment by-mariko-koike

The Graveyard Apartment – A Novel / Seventh and Final Review in The Haunted Apartment Series

A great book by a Japanese author. A haunted apartment in Japan!

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