This is a very good haunted house story. Therefore, I reblog. Please read and enjoy!

GrannyMoon's Morning Feast



Everyone was terrified

As they turned as white as a Ghost!

A Spirit had been summoned who lived in the time of yesterday to come back from the Shadows into the light of today

We called out to the Spirit

Show yourself…

As a feeling of cold filled the room we saw the presence of a Woman
The invited Guests arrived right on time to the Haunted House at the stroke of Midnight

As they well knew that any late arrivals would not be able to enter in for just as the clock finished its strokes the sound of locking bolts began to seal them into the Haunted House

A light night supper was served in the parlour with lots of fresh fruit ~ an assortment of cheeses ~ chilled shrimp ~ and of course 100 year…

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