The House Sitter – The Story of a Man Who Haunts Houses

HouseSitterCoverForHHGroupHello readers!

Are any of you in need of a house sitter? If so, I happen to know just the guy.  His name is Brad Johnson. He is an author.  He likes to be left alone in a roomy house for long periods of time.  Burglars beware, for he will rarely leave the premises. He will look after your possessions. Even though he confines himself to the house, he won’t get bored – don’t worry about that!  He will use his solitary time wisely. He will do a lot of thinking and self-reflecting. He’ll do a great deal of writing.  And that’s about it!

Oh, there is one more thing he might do. He might haunt your house. But you’re ghost lovers, so this should be an extra bonus for you!  See, Brad gets his inspiration from certain household objects that strike his fancy. If he likes what he sees in your antique clock, he might write a ghost story about it. After this, maybe the clock will stop and restart at seemingly random times. Maybe, when the lighting is right, the reflective glare on the glass panel will morph into a specter. Whatever happens, you can count on this: your clock will never be the same again!  Neither will your house.  After returning home, there might be bats in the pantry, footsteps in the attic, howling inside the chimney flue; the possibilities are endless!

Click on the picture above and take your first step into Brad Johnson’s world. Then, if you dare, take the next steps and order yourselves a copy of “The House Sitter: The Brad Johnson Haunting Series Book 1.”  Consider this book as his resume. Read about his previous job as a house sitter. Discover how he haunted a house by turning a laundry chute into a maze of monsters.  Learn how he brought “life” to a corpse that was stashed away on an attic balcony.  Read how he fixed it so that a music box would summons spirits.  All this he did with the almighty pen!

Or did he? Brad Johnson’s stories are filled with metaphors for his life’s struggles.  Is it possible that his overstressed mind caused him to take these vivid story themes far too literally? The neighbor seemed to think that there was something very strange going on in the house. Something unbelievable, yet real.

Now, how about you? Maybe you don’t believe in this house haunting hokum.  Still, you might be wondering what the hell is going on in Brad Johnson’s mind.  Read the book and HOuseSitterUSediscover for yourself what kind of demons lurk in his psyche. And then you can decide if he is truly able to expunge these demons from his brain and onto the canvas that is the house. No matter the outcome, one thing is for sure – this guy can never be accused of being a ho-hum kind of homemaker!

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