My new novella – When The Storm Speaks of Death


It was time to write another Voices story. So I created some characters. These characters – all of them assume they are going to die before dawn on the night of the big storm. The storm itself might not kill them. Instead it would serve as an omen – it would warn the doomed of their impending departure from this world. It would do so with a voice.

If this is true, what would the voice say?

This was the concept I was working with when I began writing this story. At the beginning, I didn’t know the specifics as to what the storm would tell them. But I knew what its general message would be – the voice of the storm would reflect the listener’s state of mind. If the character was afraid, the storm would scream out something that would terrorize the victim – something uniquely fearful to the specific individual. If the character was agonizing in grief – the voice in the storm would cry out with something that would only bring out more anguish. Finally, if the character was at peace, the voice would speak soothingly; perhaps it would lull the person into eternal sleep.

With this theme in place, I went to work. And it was quite an adventure. The plot twisted in ways I did not foresee, as I do not possess the foresight of the storm I created. But in the end, I was happy with the way the story turned out. Several suggestions from my editor helped me navigate the story into interesting directions as well. To her I say Thank You.

I hope those of you who read When the Storm Speaks of Death enjoy it as well. Thanks for your support!

Daniel W Cheely.

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