#9 – Lincoln Logs (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

I was never able to build anything impressive with these things!  Still, I loved them!  I had them at home but our school had them as well.  One kid in our class made some kind of “ooo and ahhh” setup.  It stayed up in the classroom for several days. He even had a sign that said “If you touch this you will be kiled”    He could build great log houses, but he couldn’t spell very well.

One thought on “#9 – Lincoln Logs (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

  1. there are always too many little “connector” logs and not enought long logs. makes you have to buy another set… gee, ya think? I like playing with Jackson’s Lincoln logs. but,, just like with legos (and MAN,a re THEY ever expensive), in order to build anything really cool, you have to have a HUGE collection!

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