Review of The Inhabitants

TheInhabitants3A young couple, Dan and Jessica, purchase a Bed and Breakfast. Their new home is one of the oldest houses in New England.  It comes equipped with furniture. Some of it is rather strange, such as an antique birthing chair with blood around the seat’s rim. But they will soon learn that there are far stranger things occupying the house than bloody chairs.  There are others living in the house. Excuse me, did I say “living?” Cancel that, for these occupants are no longer alive. These occupants are The Inhabitants.

The Inhabitants is an indie film from brothers Michael and Shawn Rasmussen, writers of John Carpenter’s The Ward.  Admittedly, there’s nothing new going on in TheInhabitants2this film. It’s a familiar concept:  a couple moves into a new house – there is something strange about the sellers – the couple tries to adjust to the new living arrangement and then spooky stuff transpires.  Before anything real frightening happens, there exists the kind of foreshadowing that is common in haunted house film. Library books reveal the Inn’s history of witchcraft and murder. Yokels call the place “the witch house. Dementia-stricken Mrs. Stanton, former Inn owner, makes enigmatic remarks to the couple. (“Please take care of the children!” What children? The couple is childless!)

Despite the formulaic plot, the film works. It accomplishes what it sets out to do, which is to tell a creepy haunted house story on a limited budget with a minimal number of actors.  The film uses its resources effectively and doesn’t try to needlessly branch out into story areas that are beyond its scope.  For me this is better than a project with an unlimited budget that tries its damnedest to show off just how much resources it has by tossing in every technological effect known to man. TheInhabitantsThe film does have its dull moments, but it’s effectively creepy and it captures the viewer’s interest. The filming of the house’s interior is done well.  There is some interesting camera action; such as the shot of a bathing Jessica and her long and draping black hair disappearing over the tub’s edge as her body sinks underwater.

I recommend giving this film a watch. It may not exceed your wildest expectations, but it is creepily entertaining.