#17 – Silly Putty (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

It was my 5th or 6th birthday when I received Silly Putty as a present.  It was a gift from my sister and she was hosting my birthday party at her apartment. I loved it!  It could stretch – that was cool!  It could capture an image of a newspaper, a comic. That was better. But what was best about it was that it could bounce!  A super ball worked the same way (I probably would have been just as thrilled with that, oh well)

I took it into my sister’s bedroom and bounced the thing all over the place.  It bounced off this wall, off that wall, and then…it was gone. We couldn’t find it.  A week or so later, my sister found it stuck to one of her dresses. The putty melted and ruined the dress.

I got replacement silly putty after that.  One time I believe I got Silly Putty that glowed in the dark!  How awesome that was!