October Happenings!

leaveAutumn is like my spring. As the summer winds down and the air becomes cooler, I reflect and refresh.  Tis’ not the season to mourn the loss of nature’s greenery, but to enjoy the explosion of colorful varieties of foliage.  Nature remains very much alive. In autumn, “Things are a brewin’”, a Halloween witch might say.  Likewise, I’m going to get busy brewing.  Brewing and stirring up a batch of fun! Exciting activities are a comin’!

First of all, my book The House Sitter will go on sale for a week in October. The electronic version of this book will be priced at 99 cents.  pumkin

Later in the month, I will offer up an e-version of my book Voices: The First Chorus for free.  Free free free free free!!

I also have some exciting news about the print version of “The House Sitter” as well! There will be opportunities to win autographed copiesleave I will be hosting two fun contests, one at my Facebook page Haunted Houses of Film and Literature and the other right here at this blog.

The contest on the Facebook page involves recognizing haunted houses of film from pictures. Whoever correctly identifies the most houses will win a copy of the autographed novel.  More details to come. As for the contest being held here at this page, it will coincide with a “blog makeover.”  That’s right folks,  “this here blog” will have a fresh new look!  It’ll almost be as if I’m moving to new place. (But I’m not – I’m staying here at wordpress.) Be that as it may, as a sort of house-warming activity, I will host a ghost hunt. There will be ghosts hiding in various places on the page. The person that finds the most ghosts wins the autographed book!  Again, more details to come.  pumkin

I’m looking forward to October. I hope you are as well. I will do what I can to help make it a “spooktacular” month for you!