Special Feature Update! – From Summer to Autumn: The Spirit Remains the Same (The Darker Sides of Ray Bradbury and Herman Raucher.)

Guess what folks, I’ve finally updated the “Special Feature” section of this blog!

And the latest feature that I have for you readers is an article about summer, winter and fall. It’s about the change of seasons.  It’s about the works of Ray Bradbury and Herman Raucher. It’s about themes that carry on from season to season.  It’s about Dandelion Wine and Something Wicked Comes This Way. It’s about Summer of ’42 and Maynard’s House.  I compare! I contrast!

Click on the pic below to see it!



(There’s a Special Feature section at this blog?)

There sure is!  Take a look at the picture below:


Now take a look at THIS picture! It has Menus!!!


(Oooooo!  Ahhhhhhhh!)

Yes it’s all so exciting. Enjoy, my friends! Enjoy!