#15 – Magic Set (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

As with the race track, the magic set advertised in the video was not the one I owned.  Come to think of it, I had more than one set.  One had pictures of the classic magicians (Houdini, Thurston, etc.).  Heck, I don’t even remember what the tricks were. But I knew that just as I had wanted to be a Dominos guy, I wanted to be a magician, and I just loved having the sets I owned. If I could only remember what was inside them. Hmmm…..

#17 – Silly Putty (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

It was my 5th or 6th birthday when I received Silly Putty as a present.  It was a gift from my sister and she was hosting my birthday party at her apartment. I loved it!  It could stretch – that was cool!  It could capture an image of a newspaper, a comic. That was better. But what was best about it was that it could bounce!  A super ball worked the same way (I probably would have been just as thrilled with that, oh well)

I took it into my sister’s bedroom and bounced the thing all over the place.  It bounced off this wall, off that wall, and then…it was gone. We couldn’t find it.  A week or so later, my sister found it stuck to one of her dresses. The putty melted and ruined the dress.

I got replacement silly putty after that.  One time I believe I got Silly Putty that glowed in the dark!  How awesome that was!

#20 – Dominos (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

For me, dominos was never about “matching the dots”, or whatever the official rules are for game play. They are for setting up and knocking down as shown in the video.  Growing up, I watched a TV show called “That’s Incredible!”  The show was filled with stunt men and daredevils,  ghostly haunts and other supernatural stuff. Oh, and dominos competitions.    I was always amazed at what they got the dominos to do when the fell one after another.  I remember once falling dominos set of a rocket!

At one point as a kid, I thought I could be a domino showman when I grew up. I really thought this was a career (grown men were doing this on TV, how could it not be a career? LOL)   I would try setups of my own.  Nothing like in the video (of course not!), but I was able to arrange it so a domino fell into a toy car, the toy car rolled down a slanted ruler, only to knock over more dominos!  I was so excited to impress my family, that on Christmas Eve (after receiving more dominos as a gift), I ran to a kitchen drawer at my mom’s new place searching for a ruler.  I yanked at it and discovered it wasn’t a drawer at all.  It was a decoration with a fake wooded plate that mimicked a drawer. It fell onto my bare toe and two days later the poor toe at to be treated in the emergency room.  That might have ended my dominos career.

*****As a side note, I had a game “Domino Rally!”  It had plastic setups, ramps and miniature staircases.  I never like the game much.  It didn’t work as well as it did in the commercials.

#23 – Breyer Horses (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)


My father used to do business with a guy who worked for a plastics company.  They were also good friends.  As a result, the friend gave our family tons of these horses. Not only horses; we had bulls, wolves and dogs.  Specifically, they were for my older sisters when they were little.  After that, they got passed along to me!  We had a huge box of these!