#20 – Dominos (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

For me, dominos was never about “matching the dots”, or whatever the official rules are for game play. They are for setting up and knocking down as shown in the video.  Growing up, I watched a TV show called “That’s Incredible!”  The show was filled with stunt men and daredevils,  ghostly haunts and other supernatural stuff. Oh, and dominos competitions.    I was always amazed at what they got the dominos to do when the fell one after another.  I remember once falling dominos set of a rocket!

At one point as a kid, I thought I could be a domino showman when I grew up. I really thought this was a career (grown men were doing this on TV, how could it not be a career? LOL)   I would try setups of my own.  Nothing like in the video (of course not!), but I was able to arrange it so a domino fell into a toy car, the toy car rolled down a slanted ruler, only to knock over more dominos!  I was so excited to impress my family, that on Christmas Eve (after receiving more dominos as a gift), I ran to a kitchen drawer at my mom’s new place searching for a ruler.  I yanked at it and discovered it wasn’t a drawer at all.  It was a decoration with a fake wooded plate that mimicked a drawer. It fell onto my bare toe and two days later the poor toe at to be treated in the emergency room.  That might have ended my dominos career.

*****As a side note, I had a game “Domino Rally!”  It had plastic setups, ramps and miniature staircases.  I never like the game much.  It didn’t work as well as it did in the commercials.

#25 – Crossbows and Catapults (Top 25 Favorite Vintage Toys)

To be honest, I think my desire to like this game exceeds my actual likeability.  I mean, it seems great – using crossbows and catapults and plastic discs to knock down plastic brick kingdoms; who could not like that?   It was fun. If it wasn’t, it wouldn’t be on this list.  But I remember it took more time to set up than to play.  Speaking of playing, were there any rules to this game? I just remember shooting at your opponent’s kingdom.  After that, who cares?   But outposts and walls fell quickly; too quickly.

I also remember some cool accessories that were sold separately. A battering-ram, for instance.  I remember asking for that one Christmas and my dad mistakenly got me a “battle ram” from some other toy set.

Thanks Santa! – Remembering those Vintage Toys: My Top 25 Favorite Toys from my Youth

Merry Christmas!

Hello all!  Hope the holiday season is treating you well.  Don’t let shopping stress you out. Well, I guess it will no matter what I say.  It’s just the way of things.

Are you shopping for any children? If you are a parent of young’uns, chances are you will be combing the toy aisles.  Do you like what you see?  By that I mean, are the toys better or worse than when you were a kid?  I guess the easiest answer is: some are better, some are not.   Some modern toys have cool technology that wasn’t available in the 1970s (My personal decade for toy love and appreciation). However, many classic toys have a durability that just isn’t designed into today’s children’s play items.  Either way, I’m guessing we are all biased toward the toys we knew; the ones we played with, the ones that spawned our imagination and helped us learn.  Every generation has their own unique memories of such toys.

Before I go any further, I do realize that not everyone had the privilege of enjoying toys when they were children. Due to economic circumstances, some people that are very close to me went through their childhood without having toys.  So if you have children and can afford to buy them such luxuries, consider yourself blessed.  Please consider donating to Toys for Tots.

I was very lucky to have  toys growing up and I am grateful for the memories they have given me.  I will share these memories with you as I list out my Top 25 favorite vintage toys in posts to come.